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A Full Printing Solution
For every demand throughout
each phase of production
Involved in the printing business for decades and skillfully dealing with a wide range of product segments, Mediaform S.A.L. has been offering its customers full-service printing solutions, blending superior craftsmanship and experienced know-how with high-quality manufacturing and state-of-the-art equipment.
Commercial Printing
This section includes a series of printed forms ranging from stationary for all kinds of operations, to forms consecrated to marketing and promotional purposes. Stationery forms cover all type of internal printed forms, including pads, books, loose sets and NCR forms, along with all finishing and numbering requirements, such as flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, folders, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc ...
Continuous Forms
When it comes to continuous forms, Mediaform S.A.L. is proud to offer its clients a deep-rooted experience. High volume companies and establishments, such as public service suppliers and private companies, including banks, hospitals, insurance companies, post service, water supply service and power supply service, are ideal targets in this field of activity because of their extended demand and large number of clients. Contiuous forms include: Statements, invoices, notifications, receipts, pin mailers, etc ...
To ensure that the finished product is accurate and of the hiest quality, we handle your project from raw manuscript to final finishing pages, using most advanced and sophisticated printing and finishing technologies.
Boxes: All types of customized printed boxes, aiming to fulfill every customer’s special needs: Medecine boxes, cos-metic packaging, candies and sweet packaging, food (sandwich, fries, starters, pizzas, hamburger, chocolate, frozen food, sweet makers etc ...), promotionnal boxes etc...
Bags: Food contact approved paper bags for deliveries (pastry bags, bakery bags, etc…). Retail bags for deliveries and promotional purposes with rope handles and quality finishing. Paper-based shopping bags (jewelers, gift shops, etc…).
Papers: Wrapping paper for food, restaurants (grease-proofed, silk, recycled and cellophane). Wrapping paper for gifts and special occasions.
Security Printing
As pioneers in this business, we deliver a total solution regarding the production of a secured document from consulting to production. Our business consists in designing and incorporating customized security features in printed forms, in order to create a maximum number of deterrents that would make the cost of forgery higher than the expected return. Security printing involves several types of documents, such as financial documents, coupons, entrance tickets, certificates, transcripts, lottery tickets, fiscal and postal stamps, paper permits, visas, criminal records, as well as airline documents.
From prepress and press to all post-press works our capabilities start with design, layout and proofing. We provide personalized forms specially created and designed to serve their goals and meet their specific needs.
Our scope of action covers the largest ranges in label printing and finishing. In this respect we supply:
Labels in sheet or roll format in any type of substrate: Thermal, adhesive, synthetic paper (PE, PP) etc ...
Labels for different purposes: Stationery, outdoor, deep freeze, permanent or removable, security and branding
We are able to supply low volume of personalized printed POS rolls (point of sales) and ATM rolls (banks), This application goes on either thermal, wood free paper or NCR paper.
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